Picking the Perfect Running Shoe

Here are tips for choosing the right shoe.

If you’re looking for a fresh new pair of running shoes this spring, Joe Bellamy, MD of Plymouth’s Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists, has some hot tips to guide you to your perfect shoe.

Pick the shoe that feels most comfortable.
Contrary to popular belief in the shoe world, exercise shoes don’t fall into the category of shoes that need to be broken in. “The correct shoe should be comfortable as soon as you put it on and should not require a break-in period,” Bellamy says.

Don’t shop for a brand.

While we tend to have our favorite brands, Bellamy stresses the importance of choosing the shoe that feels best, which isn’t always necessarily the more expensive option.

Choose the right shoe based on your activity goals.
For example, if you’re a treadmill walker versus someone who opts for more rugged trail running, your ideal shoes are going to be very different. “Picking the correct shoe that fits the person and the activity helps ensure the correct amount of support and stability for that chosen sport.”

Pick the right shoe for your foot.
“Foot shape can play a role as those with a flatter foot may find better comfort and results with a more supportive or stabilizing shoe than someone with a higher arched foot,” Bellamy says.

Sports and Orthopaedic Specialists
Joseph Bellamy, MD
Foot & Ankle Specialist