Picture Plymouth: Bored Kitten

Whitney Hauser enjoys capturing candid moments.
Second place Pets and families 2016 Picture Plymouth photo contest

Whitney Hauser has had her cat Mr. Tom for 10 years. He is a 13-year-old rescue cat whose favorite spot is her husband’s lap. Hauser’s interest in photography, however, is still quite new. She has only been taking pictures for about a year or so. “I’m still very much learning,” Hauser says. She captured this moment while trying out her new camera and says Mr. Tom had been very patient with her photographing him up until he yawned.

Besides photography, Hauser, a former Plymouth resident, enjoys getting out and exploring new places in her new Minneapolis home. She says that she does not participate in many other forms of art, but has enjoyed photography so far because she likes capturing life as it is happening around her.

“A picture of a lilac bush is great,” she says, “but a picture of a lilac bush with a big bumble bee buzzing around is even better.”