Picture Plymouth: Heidi Nielson’s Award-winning Photo

Photography, nature or anything in between—what will get you outdoors this season?

For Hollie Nielson, part of her drive to get outside comes from her photography hobby. Her photo, “Bumblebee in Plymouth,” speaks to the exquisite nature of the great outdoors, and how quietly the simple act of getting into our own backyards can capture an entire season.

Another way to explore the great outdoors is made possible by Three Rivers Parks District this month. Many say there’s an art to fly-fishing, not just the act of properly casting, but also in the imagery created from a long line swaying back and forth in the breeze of a Minnesota river.

For women wishing to experience this adventure firsthand, Fly-fishing Basics for Women shares the rhythms and techniques of the sport, complete with equipment advice, casting, instruction on shooting the line, and introduction to various fly types and presentations. Youth ages 12 and older are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult. $15–$16; 6–8 p.m. French Regional Park.

Bumblebee in Plymouth earned honors in the Nature category of the 2015 Picture Plymouth photo contest.