Picture Plymouth: Horse Sense at Silver Buckle Saddle Club

Capturing a classic corral scene at Silver Buckle Saddle Club.
An open youth equestrian competition at the Silver Buckle Saddle Club.

For Sally Strand, Silver Buckle Saddle Club is a heartening reminder of a time gone by, when Plymouth had a prevalent horse culture in the area. Strand captured this image from an open youth equestrian competition at the club in the early summer of 2014.

“Teaching kids to ride and take care of the horses is a big responsibility. It’s been slowly disappearing,” she says. “It’s a family activity I wish to support.”

Close to her home, the club is a frequent scene in her photos. A lifelong art lover, Strand’s interest was piqued when her husband, James, bought a new camera. After receiving rave responses from friends and family, Strand started sharing her photography, adding that James never got his new camera back.

“He always considered himself the photographer in the family, but hey, I’ve got a life, too!” Strand jokes. With her artistic eye and James’ technological know-how, she says they make a good team.

As a former teacher, Strand believes everyone should work to challenge themselves and expand their knowledge. Despite the usual struggles of aging, her photography helps keep her mind sharp to discovering new things.

“I like to have a good eye and I believe in constantly learning no matter how old you get,” she says. “Keep moving and learning and following the light.”