Picture Plymouth: Neighborhood Watch

Rachel La Fleur perfectly captured a neighbor dog’s devastating realization.
Arbor- doggie won first place in the Pets category of the 2016 Picture Plymouth photo contest.

When Rachel La Fleur moved to Arkansas five years ago with her husband, she picked up photography as a way to share her family’s memories with her parents long-distance. Since then, she’s acquired both the skill and equipment to become the family’s designated photographer.

“[I thought] why am I spending so much to have other people come take my family’s pictures when I could just do it myself?” says La Fleur. Now living in Plymouth, La Fleur focuses on photographing her children around what she describes as a “very close-knit neighborhood.”

La Fleur perfectly captured a moment of confusion as Lucy, the next-door neighbor dog, popped her head through La Fleur’s arbor vitae, unexpectedly restrained by her new electric fence. “That was a very sad dog,” she says.

Until the fence was installed, Lucy was free to roam the backyards with the neighborhood kid gang, which was just fine with La Fleur.  

La Fleur’s greatest joy in photography has been the happiness her photos bring her family and friends. “Just to be able to put a smile on someone’s face or make them laugh with my photos, I feel like I’ve succeeded,” she says. “When you create those memories, they live on forever, and it’s awesome.”