Picture Plymouth: Relaxing in the Sun

The simple joy of summertime clothes.
Five-year-old Livy MacCourt models her new sundress for mom Jenny MacCourt.

Minnesota weather means bundling up in coats and layers for most of the year, but warmer weather in full swing calls for breaking out the colorful clothes. Last summer, 5-year-old Livy MacCourt was enjoying the day and looking at the water off the pier at Wayzata Beach.

But she was also modeling her new sundress for her mom, Jenny MacCourt. A pattern tester, MacCourt calls upon her two daughters to model and try out the sewing designs. She describes her youngest daughter, Livy, as her sometimes dramatic, natural model.

“I just thought it was a fun picture of a kid in the summer,” MacCourt says. “[Livy’s] always being a little ham.”

This photo also shows MacCourt’s first steps as a photographer. To bypass working with a professional photographer, she invested in a Nikon d3200 to take pictures for her pattern work, deciding to learn along the way.

“[Photography is] definitely a growing passion for me. I think it goes hand-in-hand with the selling. I’m a creative type. I wish I’d picked it up sooner so I could document more memories with my kids,” MacCourt says.

In between fashion photo shoots with her daughters, MacCourt has begun working with editing software and using different lenses, and practices her shooting techniques with her cat, a willing subject. MacCourt also enjoys snapping memories of her family, especially while enjoying summer weather.

“Relaxing in the Sun” took honorable mention in our 2015 photo contest in the People & Families category.