Picture Plymouth: S’mores Brothers

A Plymouth mom captures a particularly delicious mess.

Andrea Potashnick has the vital role of family photographer, so when her two young boys were smashing s’mores into their faces, she decided it was best to just step back and start snapping photos.

“It just really captures the moment, but also captures their personalities,” she says of the photo. “They both love life, and making a mess.” Potashnick says that her now 3-year-old son Ari is usually more calm, while 4-year-old Nathan is always more energetic.

Potashnick’s husband, Robby, says that he’s the designated s’mores maker of the family, which is as much for himself as it is for his sons. “I’m a father of two children, but consider myself a young kid at heart,” he says. In fact, the main reason they installed a propane fire pit in their backyard was to make s’mores.

“They do the eating, I do the cooking, and she takes the pictures and makes sure nothing terrible happens,” says Robby. “They make absolute disasters of themselves.”