Picure Plymouth: Saturday Night S’mores

Capturing the important moments during summertime.
First Place Events by Troy Brantner

There’s no better way to brighten up late summer nights and keep those pesky bugs away than with a bonfire. Troy Brantner and his family were enjoying s’mores at a bonfire in their backyard when he captured this image. Brantner’s photograph won second place in the Activities and Events category in the 2017 Plymouth photo contest.
“We don’t have bonfires as frequently as we’d like, but we’ll roast some s’mores whenever we have the opportunity,” Brantner says. On the Saturday night in August when this photograph was taken, Brantner was enjoying ’mores with his two daughters, Alyssa and Kristen, who are featured in the photograph.

The photograph was taken with a Sony Mirrorless camera, which Brantner has been using since 2013. Although he enjoys taking pictures like this one, Brantner says his favorite thing to photograph right now is wildlife. “I just love capturing wildlife, especially these last few years, I’ve been photographing migrating ducks,” Brantner says.

Brantner says he loves photography for two reasons. “I love being in nature and taking photographs to capture what it is really like to be there. Photographs let us look back and recall what we’ve seen,” Brantner says. Second, Brantner says he loves how photography helps our memory. “Photos tell us what was there, and remind us what happened,” Brantner says.