Plymouth Ice Cream Guide

Seven of the coolest treats in town.

Ice cream—it’s the staple of summer. Whether you’re savoring the refreshing flavors of an ice cream sandwich straight out of the freezer, or two scoops of double-chocolate-chunk in a homemade waffle cone, it’s the perfect warm-weather treat. And lucky for us, Plymouth has no scarcity of delicious selections to choose from. Here are seven of our favorites.   HOMEMADE ICE CREAM SANDWICH Eat Shop Since joining the Plymouth dining scene last year, the Eat Shop is already creating buzz among local foodies—and chef Jeff Anderson’s homemade ice cream sandwich is no exception. During the warm months of last year, the Eat Shop was selling a lot of house-made ice cream. So Anderson decided to incorporate that fan favorite into his new ice cream sandwiches, featuring house-made chocolate ginger cookies. “I use liquid nitrogen to super-chill the fresh-made ice cream batter, and doing it all in my kitchen allows me the flexibility to change up ice creams and make whatever flavor I come up with,” he says. Though the flavors will vary each day, you can expect options like mint chocolate, salted caramel, brandy almond and rosemary. $8.95. 16605 County Road 24; 763.270.5929; FROZEN YOGURT Freeziac With several frozen yogurt flavors and a plethora of tasty toppings, Freeziac is one of our favorite new chain spots for do-it-yourself fro yo. First, choose from flavors like Very Vanilla, Strawberry Lemonade or Yellow Cake Batter (it’s especially good with hot fudge sauce). All flavors are non-fat and gluten free, too. Then head over to the toppings, featuring choices like bananas, blackberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple, raspberries and strawberries. You also can add non-fruit toppings into the mix with choices like cheesecake bites, coconut, granola or chocolate covered almonds. But be careful when piling up your sundae since you pay by the weight (45 cents per ounce). 4105 Vinewood Lane N.; 763.383.0300; JACK’S SUNDAE Cowboy Jack’s There’s something about an ice cream sundae that just never gets old. This classic includes a bowl of delicious soft-serve ice cream topped with whipped cream and a trifecta of delicious sauces—strawberry, chocolate and caramel ($6). Ask for a few spoons and share with your friends, or polish it off yourself if you’re up to it. (Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!) Editor’s tip: Every day for lunch, a free soft-serve ice cream cone is available for dessert, and at dinnertime, kids get a free cone with their meal. 4120 Berkshire Lane N., Plymouth; 763.559.0257; KESAR KULFI India Palace Looking to stray from a same-old bowl of chocolate ice cream? Head over to Plymouth’s own India Palace. In addition to serving tasty, traditional Indian entrees, the dessert menu includes a selection of mouth-watering desserts, like the Kesar Kulfi ($3.50). This sweet Indian ice cream is denser than American ice cream and boasts a lovely saffron flavor. The homemade milk ice cream is then topped with pistachios for an extra punch of flavor ($3.50). 4190 Vinewood Lane N.; 763.383.1880; FRIED ICE CREAM El Azteca The tacos and guacamole might get a lot of the attention at Mexican restaurants, but next time you’re craving fare from south of the border, we recommend saving room for El Azteca’s fried ice cream. Even though fried ice cream didn’t originate in Mexico, we still think it’s a fitting addition to the dessert menu with its crispy coating and ice cream-filled center. It’s also served with warm cinnamon-dusted tortilla chips, and topped with whipped cream and a cherry for good measure ($4.50). 3500 Vicksburg Lane; 763.550.1570; APPLE CRISP A LA MODE Grizzly’s Wood-fired Grill When ordering the apple crisp at Grizzly’s Wood-fired Grill, don’t skimp on the goodness—order it a la mode. “It’s a great little dessert to share with another person,” says general manager Garrick Fults. The homemade apple crisp is made with granny smith apples and Grizzly’s own secret crumbling topping. Served warm with a scoop of ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce, this dessert won’t disappoint ($5.95). 220 Carlson Pkwy. N.; 763.476.1011; SORBET CherryBerry Frozen Yogurt In addition to a long list of frozen yogurt flavors, CherryBerry boasts delectable, dairy-free sorbet options. “Our sorbets are great for people who have sensitivities to milk products,” general manager Tonya Scriver says. CherryBerry Plymouth’s most popular sorbet flavors are Outrageous Orange—a classic that’s sure to remind you of your childhood days—and Watermelon, a sweet and tangy selection that will make you think you’re biting right into a juicy slice of this favorite summertime fruit. In addition to the two top-sellers, CherryBerry also offers Blue Frostbite, Pink Lemonade and Tropical (a swirl of pineapple, papaya and kiwi) sorbet flavors. Try a taste or fill your cup at 45 cents per ounce. 3500 Vicksburg Lane; 763.559.9736;