Plymouth Stylists’ Quick Tips

Plymouth stylists offer spring makeovers that can transform your look for under $75.
Ruth Eliason received a quick color, blowout, lush lashes, haircut and cosmetic applications.

It’s about this time of year that the warm sun is truly here to stay and we can officially call it spring. So whether the winter winds have whipped your style into a frenzy, you’re looking to spoil yourself just in time for Mother’s Day or you’re just ready for a pick me up…it’s Plymouth stylists to the rescue!

We’ve collected a list of simple, affordable ways to give yourself a quick mini-makeover that will really make a difference—and we do it on a budget of $75 per service. So pick and choose: At least one of these style infusions should be right for you!

All services were courtesy of Simonson’s Salon & Spa in Plymouth; the necklace in the cover photo is from Simonson’s Boutique.

1 Quick color
As far as quick changes under $75, “I love express foils or glazing services for color,” The Style Room’s Jessie Homan says. Melanie Marsh, stylist at Merrill Hair Designs, agrees that a partial foil is a quick and affordable add-on to any of her services. Six to eight foils start at $65 at Merrill. A partial foil at The Style Room is $60-$70.

2 Try a blowout
A great blowout and styling is an affordable change in hair texture for a few days, Homan says. Marketing coordinator Melissa Matthews of Simonson’s agrees, adding “there are many options and techniques to address a variety of outcomes and budgets,” she says. “A blowout transforms unruly, frizzy hair into more manageable, voluminous locks.” Prices start at $32.

3 Love me some leggings
Sue Olmscheid of Lillian’s of Medina suggests a versatile legging-with-boots look is a fashionable option for someone who hasn’t tried this contemporary style before. $32–$36.

4 Haircut
Matthews says even the most basic cut or trim can complement your facial features and curtail bad-hair days. Starts at $32.

5 Split-end split
If a haircut isn’t in your ballpark, a split-end treatment might be the perfect solution to mend and condition those damaged tresses, leaving a shiny sheen, Marsh says. “You put it on your hair when your hair is dry, seal it with a hot flat-iron, and it’s done—that fast and simple,” she says. $30 as an add-on.

6 Eyebrow shaping

A simple change that will totally shape the eyebrows and bring out the highlights of your face is the basic eyebrow wax. For those Scandinavians among us with lighter hair, an eyebrow tint can make a huge difference, Marsh says. “The combination tinting treatment takes both lashes and brows from fair and barely there to full and flattering in just minutes,” Matthews says. $15 for wax at Merrill, $40 for combo tint at Simonson’s.

7 Lush Lashes
Temporary individual lashes, coupled with
a day into evening makeup look, are also fun for an evening out with
the gals or a spring date night, Homan suggests. Prices start at $20.


8 Face time
A good cosmetic application is “the punctuation that takes a fashion statement from good to great,” says Matthews, whether you need a professional application for a career move, date night, wedding or anything in between. Starts at $45.

9 Color gloss

A color gloss treatment at Merrill can be clear or color-tinted, takes just 20 to 30 minutes and lasts up to six weeks, depending on the hair, Marsh says. “It’s our No. 1 product; I call it my miracle drug,” she says, adding the conditioning treatment leaves hair shiny and “totally different.” $30–$50.

10 Dry shampoo

Pillow Proof by Redken is available at a number of local salons and Marsh swears by it: It goes on dry hair to extend the life of your blow-dry (a two-day extender), she says: “If you’re in a hurry, if you’re busy, for teenagers or whomever, it cuts that hair care time and gives you body and shine.” $18.

Bonus Tip: For the guys

Men, we didn’t forget about you! Simonson’s offers a gray camouflage treatment designed specifically for guys that produces a natural blended effect in five minutes or less. “The color gradually fades and grows out naturally, eliminating that unattractive re-growth appearance,” Matthews says. Starts at $45.

(John Eliason)