Portal sunset

A life on the lake, watching sunsets every night.
Readers’ Choice by Ann Harty

“I love watching the sun set on the lake,” says Ann Harty, a Plymouth resident. “I get to watch the sun set every night, right from my house on Medicine Lake.”

Harty helps run her family’s business, Harty’s Boats and Bait, which is right on the lake. She’s spent time there her whole life, digging up worms as a child. Now she spends weekends helping rent boats to visitors and assisting boat owners.

As far as photography is concerned, she worked at Brown’s Photography in Ridgedale back in 1974, and developed her love for the art there. Since then, she married a photographer, and  says, “We take billions of photos between the two of us.”

Harty took this photo of the sunset on Medicine Lake with her iPhone. “I used an app to create the portal effect,” she says.

With warmer weather coming up, Harty is looking forward to taking more pictures of her grandchildren, flowers on the lake and, of course, summer sunsets.