Pruned to Perfection

Arborist Matt Fesenmaier explains how to keep your trees healthy.

Ever wonder if your trees need pruning or trimming? Local certified arborist Matt Fesenmaier has a few tips to share on proper tree care.

Fesenmaier, owner of Xtreme Climbing Tree Service, LL in Plymouth says people should prune and trim their trees because it keeps the trees healthy, makes them look nicer, increases property value and “minimizes risks of property damage and injury.” If you need a few areas of the tree removed, trimming will do the job. However, if you want to lessen the tree’s weight and allow sun and air into the canopy, then pruning might be the better option. According to Fesenmaier, both pruning and trimming are vital in order to maintain healthy trees.

For Fesenmaier, it isn’t hard to tell when trees need pruning or trimming, but many people miss the signs if they don’t know what to look for. If you see overgrowth, an obstruction of your view or hazardous dead and broken limbs, then it’s time to call a certified arborist. With these tips, you can keep your trees and property clean and orderly.