A Relaxing Pose

Yoga instructor Mary Margaret Anderson offers tips for relaxation.

It’s common to feel stressed, uptight or just plain restless once in a while. Mary Margaret Anderson, yoga instructor and owner of yogamn, gives us some advice on how to fully unwind after a long day.

Some poses she recommends include the Sweet Easy Pose, where you sit still, close your eyes and take “deep, long breaths in and out.” The second pose, Legs up the Wall, involves lying down with your legs in the air or legs propped up against a wall—always breathing deeply. The third pose, Child’s Pose, involves resting on your knees, arms and head, stretched out along the floor. The fourth pose, Forward Fold, simply requires you to “loosely hang upside down from the hips.” Lastly, the Mountain Brook pose has you lying on your back with a pillow under your knees.

The most important thing to remember in doing these poses is to breathe full, deep breaths. Yoga is a necessary part of our lives and can calm, center and ground us, she says.