Review: Plymouth Comfort Foods

Feel-good dishes from Plymouth’s top restaurants.
Comfort food goes Mexican with chilaquiles verdes from La Cocina de Ana.

There’s little more soul-warming than comfort food on a cold day—an indulgent repast fills the tummy and satisfies the spirit. In Plymouth, you don’t have to go far to find delicious comfort foods. From hot dishes to sandwiches to cookies, this line-up of homestyle dishes will lend some cozy to your wintry day.


Dufner’s Deli
A warm and hearty soup is always on at Dufner’s. “People come for the soup,” owner Raj Kumar says. Among the changing selection, the savory tomato basil soup is especially comforting. With a touch of herby sweetness, the soup is better than Mom’s or—gasp—even Grandma’s. Kumar says: “Don’t try to make it at home. You gotta come here.” Put a grilled cheese on the side, and you’re on your way to a true comfort-food experience. For this nostalgic combo, pull out all the stops and get the American, Swiss and Cheddar blend—globs of warm, smooth cheese flow from toasty grilled bread. Soup bowl, $3.99; quart, $8.49; grilled cheese, $5.29.


La Cocina de Ana
Too busy to cook, but want to eat in the comfort of your own home? At La Cocina de Ana, you get the best of both worlds: delectable made-from-scratch cuisine that’s ready to bake in your oven. The chilaquiles verdes (layered green chili chicken enchiladas) is a favorite. Think: Mexican hot dish—a generous bubble of browned white cheese hides layers of earthy corn tortilla, thick green tomatillo salsa and chicken breast chunks. This not-too-spicy but flavorful combination will permeate your home with enticing aromas. Pre-orders advised; limited walk-in dishes available. Small, $8.99; medium, $16.99; large, $21.99; party-size, $44.99.


The Original Pancake House
Oh, the glories of fall. When the weather turns brisk, biscuits and gravy make a comeback at The Original Pancake House. Two fluffy biscuit halves enrobed in country-style sausage gravy make a whole comfort food meal. The biscuits and gravy are “a stick to the ribs kind of food,” owner Mark Hunter says. Use every last biscuit crumb to soak up the warm gravy—don’t waste, and make haste, as this Southern-style comfort food is only available during the cold months. $9.50.


Sunshine Factory Bar & Grill
Whispers of “oohs” and “aahs” resonate from other tables as the shareable banana cream pie makes its way to your table. This comfort food creates dessert envy with an arrangement that’s not only over the top but over the edges—literally. Picture fresh banana chunks, rich homemade banana pudding, a sweet and salty graham cracker mix, mounds of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, all draped with warm caramel. “It is our most popular dessert, and it’s also available as a homey meal finisher for our very popular date-night menu on Thursday nights,” general manager April Hanson says. $7.95.


Broadway Pizza
The promise of an all-you-can-eat lunch or dinner is a comforting thought. Get your fill with the pizza buffet. Delve into your choice of six pizza varieties from the famed Broadway Pizza thin crust and New York deep dish. Pepperoni and sausage pizza is always available; remaining flavors rotate. Still hungry? Go for the full salad bar with cold pasta salad, soup, and hot spaghetti or penne. Dessert pizza will tempt you into a sweet grand finale. This all-course buffet will leave you comfortably full. Lunch, $8.49; dinner (Monday only), $8.99.


Davanni’s Pizza and Hot Hoagies
Lasagna bakes up Minnesota nice with just a touch of garlicky spice at Davanni’s. “It’s as good as Mom’s, since a mom came up with it,” marketing director Tim Huberty says. Made in house from an old family recipe, this lasagna has heft through and through—a half-size portion might be enough. Delicious layers of noodles, Italian sausage, ricotta, mozzarella, pecorino and red sauce bestow comfort; a side of snappy ciabatta garlic toast rounds out the meal. Half, $4.89; full, $8.49; family/party-size, $49.99.


A good side of haystack onions makes a meal great and oh-so-comforting. Indulging in fried food can momentarily fade the problems of the world: Delicate ringlets of thinly sliced yellow onions pack a wallop of slightly sweet flavor and the buttermilk batter makes the haystack onions a savory sensation. A good dousing of the horseradish mayonnaise-based Texas kettle sauce compliments the vibrant flavors within each feathery ring. $2.29.


Cookies by Design
With more than 400 different themes made from 500 cookie cutters, just about any celebration (or condolence) is covered by a fresh cluster of frosted cookies nestled in a colorful basket with tissue paper frills. The cake-y cookies are “a great way to brighten anyone’s day, because cookies are good medicine,” manager Toni Tamm says. “We’ve got all kinds of good cheer over here.” Seven-cookie arrangement, $55.99; other sizes available. $15 metro delivery is available.


Dunn Bros. Coffee
It’s engrained in us: A hot cup of coffee is associated with a warm welcome. Dress up the brew with seasonal trimmings and, voilà, a real comfort food of a drink emerges. Dunn Bros. makes good coffee great in the maple clove latte. The sweet essence of maple and the home-baked spiciness of cloves permeates this espresso with steamed milk. For added sustenance, pair your coffee with a fresh-baked cinnamon twist. Small drink, $3.99; medium, $4.59; large, $4.99; cinnamon twist, $2.49.