Review: Scary yet Delicious Foods in Plymouth

Nine not-so-normal dishes from your favorite local eateries.
The Black Dragon roll from Kobe is both startling and delicious.

We all have our own aversions to certain foods. Maybe you’re not a mushroom lover or find yourself a little wary of anything that claims to be seafood. But sometimes when you take your first bite of those foods you had previously deemed “too scary to try,” they turn out to be a pleasant surprise. So, whether it’s a dish you’ve never heard of or some combination of ingredients that just doesn’t seem quite right, we have taken it upon ourselves to explore Plymouth’s world of “freaky” foods. Here’s a sampling of what we found—but be careful, you just might like it! Leg of a DuckThe Eat Shop Chef Jeff Anderson is always cooking up something inventive at The Eat Shop, which joined the Plymouth dining scene last year. Though it might not be your first inclination to order up the duck salad, we highly recommend it for something a little out of the ordinary. The star ingredient of this lovely salad is the duck confit—a French dish made with the leg of the duck. This is served atop fresh mixed greens with crispy pear and spiced walnuts, and tossed in a duck-bacon vinaigrette (everything’s better with bacon, right?). And to top it all off, the pièce de résistance is a nice, runny poached egg ($12.95). 16605 County Road 24; 763.270.5929. Raw Caterpillar Kobe For some people, you say the word, “sushi,” and they scream. The thought of raw fish just doesn’t sound appetizing in any way, shape or form. But if you are one of those people, we’re here to tell you that with a little courage, sushi might just become one of your new favorites—especially with the help of the folks at Plymouth’s Kobe. We love the caterpillar roll. This scrumptious morsel is packed with baked (not raw!) eel and fresh cucumber. Then it’s topped with avocado, eel sauce and sesame seeds for some crunch ($10.50). You can also order the caterpillar roll as part of the sushi roll combo lunch special, which includes three rolls and soup for just $12. 15555 34th Ave. N.; 763.559.9999.Baby Sheep on a StickIndia Palace Lamb on a stick, anyone? Okay, it’s not (quite) what it sounds like. India Palace specializes in authentic Indian cuisine, and we are big fans of the seekh kebabs—lean, ground lamb marinated in the chef’s special sauce ($16.95). This Indian classic is cooked in the tandoor—or traditional Indian clay oven—which seals in the heat and helps the food retain its original flavor while cooking in its own juice. Then it’s marinated in special masala, a mixture of yogurt and traditional spices, and served with dal or vegetable curry. 4190 Vinewood Lane N.; 763.383.1880.Pork LiversVon Hanson’s Meats Liver sausage? Blech. That’s probably what just happened in your mind as you read those first two words. But we’re here to enlighten you. The folks at Von Hanson’s are local experts when it comes to the meat department, so if anyone can turn you into a liver sausage fan, it’s them. Hailing from Germany, liver sausage (or liverwurst) can be eaten by itself or is even popular as a (sort of) sandwich meat. Von Hanson’s sells the Boar’s Head liverwurst deli sausage—made with pork, pork livers and bacon—which liver-lovers like to spread on rye bread with deli style mustard ($6.99 per pound). You can also get the ring liver sausage in one-pound rings ($6.99). 3375 Plymouth Blvd.; 763.557.8040.Japanese Horseradish Lucky’s 13 Pub If you are a fan of standard, juicy burgers topped with cheddar cheese, then this might not be for you. But for the burger lovers out there looking to expand their beef-topper repertoire, the wasabi burger at Lucky’s 13 Pub is the way to do it ($11.99). This homemade hunk of Angus beef is stuffed with zippy horseradish cheese. And if that’s not enough, enter the star ingredient—wasabi. Also referred to as “Japanese horseradish,” wasabi’s strong flavor will wake up your sinuses and give your taste buds a good kick. Goodbye, regular old cheeseburger. 3000 Harbor Lane N.; 763.746.0071.Noodle PieCowboy Jack’s Now, we’re not sure Cowboy Jack’s mac ’n’ cheese pizza sounds as scary as it sounds just, uh, different? But when combining three of the most beloved items from American cuisine and creating one super-charged dish, you’re bound to stumble upon culinary greatness. This one-of-a-kind pie is topped with plenty of Cowboy Jack’s rugged mac n’ cheese, along with some diced jalapeno cheese brats for a little something extra ($13 for a small, $17 for a large).  And trust us—either element are just as good on their own. 4120 Berkshire Lane N.; 763.559.0257.Chewy SlimeBlue Point We know, we know—oysters are slimy. But if you can get past the whole chewiness factor, you might be pleasantly surprised with this ocean-dwelling delicacy. Blue Point is one of the area’s seafood gems, serving up dozens of freshly shucked oysters each day, hailing from places like Blue Point, Va., and Cape Cod, Mass., among others. Whether you try one to start or spring for a dozen, one thing’s for sure, these briny, juicy sea creatures will make you feel like you’ve conquered the worst of your food fears ($2–$3.50). You can also get a half-dozen of the Blue Point oysters during happy hour from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Monday–Saturday for just $8.95. 739 Lake St. E., Wayzata; 952.475.3636.Chicken Innards Mort’s Delicatessen Specializing in Jewish cuisine, family-owned Mort’s Delicatessen boasts a long menu of crowd-pleasing soups, sandwiches and salads. But if you’re in the mood to abandon your regular tuna melt, we suggest you go for the chopped chicken liver. (Yep, that’s right, we said it.) This tantalizing appetizer is a classic Jewish tradition, and served on a platter with chopped egg and bread ($8.99). You can also get this delicacy in sandwich form with the chopped chicken liver and egg salad sandwich ($7.99 for a half, $12.99 for a whole). 525 Winnetka Ave. N, Golden Valley; 763.544.2900.Squid TentaclesCooper Pub With its googly eyes and long tentacles laden with suction cups, squid is not something that conjures up thoughts of a delicious, crispy appetizer to start your dinner. But tentacles aside, squid doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. And we’re pretty sure that Cooper Pub’s crispy calamari will turn you into a believer. Chef Nick Hess does calamari up right, cooking it until golden brown and serving it with pickled cherry peppers for a fun twist. And for some kick, dip it in the Sriracha mayo or spicy cocktail sauce ($9.25). 1607 Park Place Blvd., St. Louis Park; 952.698.2000.