Seven Local Bacon Dishes in Plymouth

Seven local dishes that are oh so delicious.
Bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin at Jake's City Grille.

Get it thick-cut or crumbled, cooked crispy or smoked—bacon is delicious in
each of its many forms. And lucky for us, bacon isn’t just for breakfast
anymore. You can sprinkle bacon bits on your baked potato, wrap it around your
steak, top your burger with it or even stick a slice in your bloody mary. It’s
salty and delightful, and it gives off the most intoxicatingly delicious aroma.
Try one of these bacon-inspired dishes from your favorite Plymouth locales.


Jake’s City Grille

Looking to spend a night out on the town while noshing on some fabulous
bacon-inspired cuisine? If you have a hankering for bacon, you can’t go wrong
with the bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin at Jake’s City Grille. First, the
tenderloin is seasoned with Kosher salt and cracked pepper, then wrapped with
juicy pieces of bacon, then topped with tangy bleu cheese—and even a jumbo onion
ring for an extra dose of deliciousness ($28.95). 3005 Harbor Lane N.;


Grizzly’s Wood-fired Grill

One of the best things about weekend brunch has to be the bloody marys,
especially when they’re garnished with fresh veggies and bacon. Yep, that’s
right—bacon. Grizzly’s Wood-fired Grill has debuted a burger bloody ($9.99).
This drink of all drinks is not something to take lightly. “It’s almost a meal
in itself!” owner Matt Lesness says. The 22-oz.burger bloody mary is perfectly
flavored, and served with a pickle, olives and a jala-bean-o (half bean and half
jalapeño)—but that’s not all. What makes this drink a real notable is the
addition of a cheddar cube, beef stick, mini cheeseburger, and, of course,
house-made brown sugar bacon as a finishing touch. 220 Carlson Pkwy. N.;


Cowboy Jack’s Saloon

Cowboy Jack’s makes its po-tater skins from scratch, starting with five large
Idaho Russet potato skins ($9). These are topped with a blend of mild cheddar
and Monterey Jack cheeses, jalapenos for a little heat, and scallions for some
extra flavor. But what makes these skins so gosh darn good is Cowboy Jack’s
famous smokehouse bacon sprinkled on top. Served with sour cream and homemade
salsa, it’s easy to see why this dish has become a customer favorite. (You can
also grab an order of the po-tater skins during happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m. or
10 to midnight for half price.) 4120 Berkshire Lane N.; 763.559.0257;



Donuts might just be one of life’s most magical foods. You can get them
topped with colorful sprinkles or rich, creamy frosting—or even stuffed with a
plethora of creams and jellies. But what might be even more magical than all of
those things combined is topping a donut with slices of crispy, salty bacon.
Plymouth Lunds boasts a particular maple long john topped with strips of bacon
that will make your taste buds do a little song and dance ($2.99). The perfect
marriage of salty and sweet, this bacon-topped donut is not for the faint of
heart (or appetite). If you want to bring these to the office and solidify your
place as the best coworker ever, you have to special order them in advance. 3455
Vicksburg Lane; 763.268.1624;


Von Hanson’s

Stepping into Von Hanson’s makes you feel like you’re in an old-fashioned
butcher shop, as its talented staff serves specialty meats, cheeses and other
grill-able goodies. In addition to the custom sausages, homemade marinades and
variety of other meat cuts, Von Hanson’s bacon is a must-try. Add it to your
burger, crumble it on your salad, or eat it by itself; we love the meat shop’s
original single-smoked bacon, perfect for a classic breakfast of eggs and bacon
($7.99/lb.). Or for those who like that heavier smoked flavor, the double-smoked
bacon is the way to go ($8.99/lb.). 3375 Plymouth Blvd.; 763.557.8040;


Old Chicago

What could make smothered cheese fries even better? Bacon. These little
treasures from Old Chicago are jam-packed with flavor, starting with a base of
seasoned french fries and, the “wow” factor, Old Chicago’s signature cheese
sauce. If that isn’t enough to make your mouth water, this pile of goodness is
topped with peppered bacon pieces, cheddar cheese, garlic sauce, sour cream and
diced tomatoes ($6.75). 3505 Vicksburg Lane #100; 763.744.1221;


Latuff’s Pizzeria

With the Peppadew pizza, Latuff’s puts its own spin on the classic
Hawaiian-style pie (10-inch $15.50, 14-inch $21.95). The Canadian bacon and
Peppadew peppers are definitely the stars of this mouth-watering
concoction—salty slices of Canadian bacon are the perfect complement to bright
red Peppadew peppers (sweet piquanté peppers hailing from South Africa). Add
Latuff’s homemade white sauce and some juicy pineapple, and this thin-crust
creation is a surefire winner in our book. 10820 Hwy. 55; 763.545.2914; //