Spring Bling in Plymouth

Unique jewelry pieces bloom around the Plymouth area this spring.
Custom jewelry from Artelle Designs can have a floral or otherwise spring-related inspiration.

When spring flowers fade, Plymouth-area businesses are sharing a way to keep
flowers—and other spring-inspired shapes—forever in the form of jewelry. Whether
it is Mother’s Day, graduation or a desire to add a new piece to your
collection, Artelle Designs in Plymouth and Art 2 Heart in Hamel offer unique
jewelry options with a spring-bling flair.

Fine Jewelry

For more than 38 years, Artelle Designs owner and designer Stuart Adelman has
been creating original, fine jewelry designs. (He and his wife and co-owner
Ellie have been in business together for more than 26 years.) “We know how to
create and execute custom designs for our customers, even if they don’t know
what they want,” Stuart Adelman says.

It is that one-on-one customer connection the Adelmans use to enhance the
jewelry experience for community members. Transitioning from the snowflake cut
pendant of winter, the Plymouth business offers a flower cut gem for the spring.
If you have a favorite spring theme or occasion you would like to see
transformed into a custom, personalized piece, Artelle Designs offers customers
a chance to work directly with the designer to have a personal piece made. The
average price for a custom-made jewelry item is $1,800, but prices vary.

“Most everything we do is custom made,” Adelman says. “The process is a lot
easier than people think. You don’t have to know what you want—it is a
collaborative process with a unique result.”

Hand-crafted, Mission-minded Gifts

A nonprofit, all-volunteer organization with international connections, Art 2
Heart features one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted products in its Hamel gift shop, with
proceeds invested in “opportunities to inspire hope and dignity for the
oppressed and impoverished,” founder and executive director Lori Westling says.
The items are made by artists’ cooperatives in other countries, including Peru,
using designs and supplies provided by Art 2 Heart. According to Westling, the
work is “giving [the predominantly women workers/artists] hope, dignity and
tangible income for their families.”

With the change of seasons and throughout the year, Art 2 Heart continually
introduces new products keeping pace with the latest fashion trends. Westling
and artistic director Jennifer Swift shared a few of the spring-themed items
community members can find in the shop. Contrasting materials are among trends
in the store now, according to Swift, such as wire with beads, leather with
metal and burlap with lace. Prices on items start at $15.

A few of the handcrafted products made locally and around the world featured
this spring include:

  • Bead and leather wrap bracelets. $14–$36
  • Wire, bird’s nest earrings with pearl beading. “These are a popular Mother’s
    Day gift,” Swift says, affectionately referring to them as “mama bird” earrings.
  • Floral wire and fabric brooches. $12
  • Bird and garden themed wire art necklaces. $14

“The products we have … you can’t find anywhere else,” Westling says.


Are you wondering what colors to wear this spring? Here are a few trendy

  • Radiant Orchid, a combination of fuchsia, purple and pink, is considered the
    Pantone color for 2014, according to Artelle Designs’ Adelman. He suggests
    gemstones such as pink sapphire or pink tourmaline would complement Radiant
  • “It is a time for brightness,” Adelman says, also suggesting sapphires,
    emeralds, garnets and opals this spring.
  • Coral, turquoise and pearls accentuate contrasting materials, according to
    Art 2 Heart’s Swift, like wire “bird’s nest” earrings with pearls. //

Custom jewelry from Artelle Designs can have a floral or otherwise
spring-related inspiration. These beauties range from $1,450 for the patented
cut-amethyst flower (far left) to $14,800 for the Angel Wings made of Tahitian
pearls and 3 carats worth of diamonds (far right).


Artelle Designs
Call the store to schedule a free consultation.
3555 Plymouth Blvd.;
763.559.0044; artelledesigns.com

Art 2 Heart
10 a.m.–2 p.m. Wed., Fri. and Sat., and 10 a.m.–8 p.m. Thu.
122 Hamel Road,
Hamel; 763.478.6898; art2heart. myshopify.com