Stress Busters

Fighting teenage stress with kindness.

Teenagers face plenty of stressors, but at Wayzata High School, students have some extra help in fighting their stress. Stress Busters is an organization of parent volunteers who bring events and random acts of kindness to students to brighten their days and alleviate stress.

Stephanie Weitz started the group last year, inspired by a conference on teenage stress, which she says is plaguing today’s kids more than ever. She and the other Stress Busters open doors for students, giving them a pencil or snack. The group visits Wayzata during midterms and finals, painting the school windows to mark their arrival.

“Our mission really is to brighten the students’ days and let them know we’re there, we care and understand,” Weitz says.

Always open to volunteers and donations, Weitz says she plans to continue Stress Busters at Wayzata, with the hope that the concept will pass onto other schools.

This spring, Stress Busters brought therapy animals to Wayzata for students to pet and interact with.