Susan Dyrud MacDonald’s Award-winning Image

A regular photo contest winner shares her tips and tricks of the trade—they’re more common than you might think.

Musings of an award-winning photographer, in her own words:

“My name is Susan Dyrud MacDonald, and I am a Montessori guide at Peaceful
Valley Montessori in Golden Valley. I have lived in Plymouth for almost eight
years with my husband, two children and our dogs, Pete and Amos, and cat,

“We appreciate living in Plymouth for many reasons. There are many special
places to be here, including the beach at French Park, which is where the photo
Cartwheel Practice was taken. As one might guess, my children have been muses
for photos since they were born, and I am inspired by their play.

“My first ‘real’ digital camera was a gift, and, perhaps because of that, I
think I felt more brave about really using it. I bring my camera with me most
places, and it has been damaged more than a few times because of that. If it was
mostly at home—if I kept it safer—I would not have all of the photos that I have
of special moments.

“When I took my first photography classes in college, my instructor said many
times that the most important thing we could do to become better photographers
is to simply take lots and lots of pictures. I do, and the practice (and luck of
having proper equipment at good times) has served me. I have lots and lots to
learn about this art, but I am thankful for the photos I have.”


Cartwheel Practice earned second place in the People and Families category of
the Picture Plymouth 2013 photo contest. Go to today to learn
more about the 2014 contest, which runs August 1–31.