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Best of 2021 Editor’s Picks

leaf photo by Nihar Sahani

If we had our druthers, our Plymouth Magazine staff would include many more categories in our Best of 2021 readers’ poll contest. However, this affords me the opportunity to highlight some Editor’s Picks that don’t fall into our standard categories. Let’s take a moment to celebrate Plymouth’s (somewhat) hidden treasures.

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Best of Plymouth 2021

Meet your Best of 2021 winners

Excuse us while we get our party vibe going because we’re in the mood for a community celebration—some homegrown revelry—and, possibly, a bit of merrymaking as we invite you to celebrate the richly-deserving winners and runners-up of our Best of Plymouth annual readers’ poll contest.

It all began in January when the voting went live on our website, and readers started choosing their top picks. Votes were tabulated by our website team, and finalists were announced this spring. Read more about Best of Plymouth 2021


ABCs Before 1,2,3s

Earlier this year, our readers’ choice online survey sought your input regarding which restaurants, retailers and service providers you like best in Plymouth. Your votes have been counted and the top three finalists in each category are listed here in alphabetical order. Winners will be announced in our annual Best of Plymouth special issue, due out this summer.

Plymouth 2021 TOP 3 Finalists

Best Takeout / Curbside Read more about ABCs Before 1,2,3s

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