The Fashion of Sustainability

clothing collage

“Most people in the United States only wear about 20 percent of their wardrobes. That means that 80 percent of the clothes are languishing in their closet being unworn,” says Nancy Dilts, a personal wardrobe stylist, who specializes in sustainable shopping. “That’s an enormous amount of waste.”

Though fashion waste and fast fashion (mass-produced clothing sold at a lesser cost) are worldwide issues, consumers and companies are beginning to learn how to develop more eco-friendly practices. Read more about The Fashion of Sustainability


A Fresh Start

After the holidays, we often have items we no longer need. Goodwill is a great place to donate your gently used items. Coats and warm clothes are always welcome, as well as clothes for warmer weather in the coming months. Consider donating books, jewelry and old electronics. However, there are limitations on large rear-projection TVs. Donation attendants can help identify what items they will accept. Read more about A Fresh Start

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