Monster Bites

Adults, it’s time to take back Halloween. Sure, the holiday might seem to revolve around the kids, all decked out in costumes romping the streets in search of the year’s supply of candy, but why can’t moms and dads embrace All Hallows’ Eve, in all its culinary glory?

Entertaining 101: Setting a Summer Table with Tips from the Experts at Five Swans

Summer is a season of celebrations. From family get-togethers to Independence Day fireworks to weekend bonfires with the neighbors, summer is packed with festive events. So do it in style with some tips and tricks from Five Swans, Wayzata’s home and kitchen store.

Five Swans has been adding glam to tables around Lake Minnetonka for 51 years, and its staff has the design expertise to show for it.

Entertaining Ideas from Local Experts

There’s an adage that’s displayed in many a kitchen. It reads, “A successful hostess is like a duck—calm on the surface but paddles like heck underneath.” With the help of Lindsay Piram, owner of the full-service event and design firm Lindsay Piram Creatives, hosts/hostesses can glide through the holiday party season with the ease and grace of seven swans a-swimming.

Plymouth Moms Share Tips for Planning Big, Creative Summer Parties

Does your child have a summer birthday and is asking for a party outside to celebrate? The thought of an outdoor party can seem stressful, but we promise perfect (or at least almost-perfect) party planning with the following tips from event planners and Plymouth residents who have put together some fun summer gatherings for their kids.

Set a budget

Top Tips for Summer Parties

With the Fourth of July around the corner, get your party planning in gear. Each summer, Plymouth resident Kristi Thompson’s neighborhood throws a big gathering to celebrate the holiday. Here’s her advice on how to make your party a hit.

Summer is a great opportunity for everyone to get together and socialize in the warmer weather. But communication is key when planning with so many people. Thompson suggests creating an online group or email to keep everyone in the loop.

Holiday Entertaining Tips from Jerry’s Foods in Woodbury

Whoever coined the phrase “the more the merrier” probably didn’t have party hosts in mind. While we love to catch up with our 15 cousins and 17 grandkids, hosting the whole crew can sometimes feel more like a headache than a holiday. If the season has you scratching your head over flourless pie and Paleo stuffing recipes, or wondering where the dining room table leaf is, Nancy Ecker, food and beverage operations manager at the Woodbury Jerry’s Foods, has the answer: order out. “More and more people are catering their Thanksgiving dinner every year,” she says.

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