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Not Your Typical Burger

2016 has been the year of the burger, with red meat options dominating local menus and new gourmet toppings created seemingly every hour. There are clever and novel burgers with a full rainbow of colors piled high inside the bun. More doesn’t always mean better, and new doesn’t mean the classics are old hat. Here’s a look at eight local burgers that provide something for every taste, from the mini Wedgie burger at Red Robin to the massive breakfast-for-lunch Countryside at Peg’s. There are big beef burgers like the Jucy Lucy, alongside salmon, bison and turkey. Read more about Not Your Typical Burger

Carrying on a Nordic Tradition

For Dave Rosenquist, there isn’t just lutefisk for Christmas; it’s a season of lutefisk as far as he is concerned. The Plymouth resident, along with a group of friends—some who have known each other for more than 60 years—will have attended several lutefisk dinners held by local churches in the fall before his family hosts their own festive party during the holidays. Read more about Carrying on a Nordic Tradition

A Tasty Combination

Planning a holiday appetizer, but don’t want to put out the same artichoke dip you find at every party? Peg Rasmussen, owner of Countryside Catering, suggests spicy bacon-wrapped potatoes, one of the most popular items on their menu.

For ingredients, you’ll need Yukon Gold potatoes, sweet chili seasoning, brown sugar and apple-smoked bacon. For a side of lime crème, you’ll need sour cream, lime juice and more brown sugar. Read more about A Tasty Combination

Hearty Sauces as Temperatures Dip

Fall is a transitional season where refreshing lemonades and crisp salads are replaced with comforting, warmer and heavier fare. As the thermometer wavers around the freezing point and the snow covers the frozen ground, our cuisine undergoes a similar shift. The roast turkey feast is just around the corner, but it’s not yet season for a hearty stew. In the meantime, savory sauces can provide additional warmth to dishes, whether it’s literally in temperature or an extra notch of spice. These dishes with a sauce at their base will warm you up for the season. Read more about Hearty Sauces as Temperatures Dip

The Food Dudes

Craving food from your favorite local restaurant, but don’t want to go get it? Enter Food Dudes Delivery, a fast and convenient service which will deliver to your home or office. The service began delivering to Plymouth residents this summer, partnering with restaurants such as Rock Elm Tavern, Bawarchi Indian, India Palace, Solos Pizza and many more. Check the Food Dudes website for the most recent listing of participating restaurants. Read more about The Food Dudes

Beer Instead of Wine

When you think of a Thanksgiving meal, you might think of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy accented with a pinot noir. However, if you want to change up your meal, try pairing your feast with beer. We talked to Cellars Wine & Spirits of Plymouth for recommendations to make your meal delicious and unique.

“The best kind of beer would be one that offsets that dinner dryness,” says store manager Brian Clark. “There are lots of types to choose from, but I would recommend a wheat beer or even one of our sour beers.” Read more about Beer Instead of Wine


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