Artelle Designs crafts one-of-kind jewelry filled with meaning

Artelle Designs crafts one-of-kind jewelry filled with meaning

“Every piece of jewelry tells a story,” says master goldsmith Stuart Adelman. And at Artelle Designs, owned by Stuart and his wife Ellie Adelman, it’s especially true. Stuart has been designing and creating custom jewelry for over 40 years. Jewelry has an emotional pull, says Adelman. We’re all heard stories about family members who stopped speaking to each other because they both wanted to inherit grandma’s wedding band or grandpa’s watch--and only one of them got it.

Stringing Along

As a singer-songwriter back in high school, Greta Melcher always held onto her used guitar strings. “Jewelry seemed like the natural next step in the strings’ life cycle,” says Melcher. From her collection of strings that otherwise might be considered useless, her signature guitar string bracelets and a business she named Tsii were born. Melcher expanded her jewelry collection by creating necklaces, earrings and wall hangings from guitar strings she’d saved and collected from other musicians as well. When it comes to her inspiration, it’s very simple.

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