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Adventure In and Out of the Kitchen

chef Erik Skaar

After spending his childhood in Plymouth, Erik Skaar began developing his cooking style by working in some of the best kitchens across the country. In 2019, with Lake Minnetonka as a backdrop, he opened Vann restaurant in Spring Park. Skaar attributes his award-winning success to the uniqueness, consistency and novel approach he takes to fine dining.

“The concept is unique compared to a lot of other restaurants here in the cities,” executive chef Skaar says. “I source a little bit more obscure product, and I like to be adventurous.” Read more about Adventure In and Out of the Kitchen

Executive Orders

Felix Navas and Victor Phommachanh

After 16 prosperous years in the Mall of America’s (MOA) restaurant scene, Tiger Sushi was due for a change. “Starting about 2016, we saw the shopping traffic at MOA begin to drop dramatically,” says Lisa Edevold, owner of Tiger Sushi and now Lucky Street. Read more about Executive Orders

Warm Comfort for Cold Days

Winter in Minnesota means cold weather. For winter sports enthusiasts, this is good news. For everyone else, it can be hard to find the motivation to get outside. Luckily, many Plymouth restaurants are ready to welcome you in from the cold. What better way to reward yourself after a long day of skiing or skating than with a nourishing bowl of warm chili? Even if you don’t enjoy the outdoors in the winter, these dishes are good enough to leave the house for, even if it just means running from your car to the restaurant’s front door.

Read more about Warm Comfort for Cold Days

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