Music in Plymouth is Back for its 50th Year

Whether it’s for a wedding, business or event, 50th anniversaries are a cause for celebration. One Plymouth event is celebrating such a milestone this summer thanks to the hard work of volunteers and the community.

Initially started as an event to give the small but growing suburb of Plymouth a sense of identity, Music in Plymouth has since grown over its lifespan to an event that hosts nearly 15,000 people. This year, it’s celebrating its golden anniversary.  Read more about Music in Plymouth is Back for its 50th Year

Summer Nights in Plymouth

If it’s live music you’re looking for this summer, you don’t have to look much further than these local spots around Plymouth. Whether you’re looking to spread out your blanket and enjoy a show at an outdoor amphitheater, or simply something to accompany your happy hour, these places have performers to suit all kinds of music fans. Perhaps you’ll even discover a new genre that you never knew you could enjoy. Did someone say Ecuadorean? It’s time to get out and enjoy what summer in Plymouth has to offer with any of these shows. Read more about Summer Nights in Plymouth


Devon Worley: Singing from the Heart

Devon Worley has walked the line between two worlds since she was a child. In one world, she grew up in school with peers her own age. In the other, she grew up on stage, under the music industry’s spotlight alongside adult musicians who are also professional peers. Since launching her country music career at the age of 11, Worley, who is now an 18-year-old Plymouth resident, has successfully inhabited both. Read more about Devon Worley: Singing from the Heart


In Harmony

Playing some of the world’s greatest music as a member of a major symphony orchestra can be an incredibly rewarding career. It’s also a high-stress occupation, one in which perfection in performance—or at very least near perfection—is expected day in and day out. Read more about In Harmony

Plymouth Man Climbs to the Top of the Music Industry

Alex Weiss was the most sought-after music arranger in Tel Aviv, Israel, when Adi Yeshaya was a teenager. When it came to creating music, Weiss was the standard everyone looked to, and Yeshaya was no different.

Yeshaya had started playing the accordion and electric organ as a 9-year-old, and as he grew into music, he discovered a love of composition and arranging. He didn’t just want to play music; he wanted to make it. He wanted to be Weiss.

So Yeshaya went to meet him. Read more about Plymouth Man Climbs to the Top of the Music Industry

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