Dress for Success

When you open your closet door, are you excited to pick out an outfit or filled with dread because of the mess? Closets are one of the most crucial places to keep organized in your home, but they’re also one of the quickest to become cluttered due to everyday use.

Culling through your clothes and shoes prior to organizing is a great place to start. Consider donating unwanted clothing to shelters, business attire nonprofits, churches or schools. Read more about Dress for Success

Create Your Own “Best of” List

Whether I’m scrolling through social media or picking up a magazine, I am always drawn to the “best of” lists. Having those recommendations can make life a bit easier. Let me share with you my can’t-live-without home organizing products. 

Air-tight canister for cereal, flour, sugar and rice: This product not only extends the life of food, but can be easily labeled and stacked for effortless arrangement.  Read more about Create Your Own “Best of” List

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