Winter Fog

“I’ve always been a water baby,” says Jim Strand, a Plymouth photographer. Strand is a retired computer production manager, but he’s had a love for photography since he was 18 years old.

Strand was stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington state for a short time in his youth. Compared to his hometown of Madison, Wis., the mountains and hills of the West Coast were a far different experience than the lakes of the Midwest. Struck by the beauty, Strand began his photography hobby, primarily focusing on pictures of nature. Read more about Winter Fog

Local Photographer Captures “Turkeys in the Backyard”

Pat Yentzer, Plymouth resident and amateur photographer, remembers last August when he snapped a photo of more than a dozen turkeys in his backyard. “We were sitting on our deck and one lone turkey landed in our backyard, and then another and another, and before long we had over a dozen turkeys in our backyard, walking gracefully in a family parade across our lawn,” he says.
Read more about Local Photographer Captures “Turkeys in the Backyard”

Ducks on Dock

Though Sarah Kendall Gow has lived in Plymouth for just more than a year, it didn’t take her long to appreciate all the community has to offer, such as French Regional Park, where she snapped this photo. Read more about Ducks on Dock


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