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Picture Plymouth 2022: Submissions Open in August

A young girl messily eating a s'more

Plymouth Magazine enjoys showcasing the lake community in a number of ways, and that includes sharing readers’ points of view through what they see, appreciate and capture with their cameras.

Each August, we encourage readers to submit their favorite photos to our Picture Plymouth photo contest. Whether it’s a picture of their family, pets, a local landmark or a beautiful landscape they saw while out and about, we want to see it! Read more about Picture Plymouth 2022: Submissions Open in August

Picture Plymouth

Wintering Canoes - Clifton E. French Regional Park in Plymouth, MN

“After years of taking photos of my family, I started taking scenic photos again during the pandemic when I started exploring all of the wonderful parks here in Plymouth.  We moved from the Chicago area to Plymouth a few years ago, and I love how there are so many parks with lakes and trails that stretch from the lakeside into rolling hills and woods—making it easy for a soothing way to unwind while we’re working from home these days.”

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