Picture Plymouth photo contest

January Moment

The Tranquility of Winter Walks, taken by Matthew Prior, placed second in the Pets category for our annual Picture Plymouth photo contest.

The photograph was taken on the ice of Gleason Lake. “It was a cold January afternoon at about 4 p.m.,” Prior says. “The wonderful thing about November–January is that most daylight hours are golden hours.” Read more about January Moment

Nate Loftsgard’s Award-winning Photo Stretch

A sleeping fox atop a snowy woodpile would be picturesque enough—but after Plymouth resident Nate Loftsgard snapped more than 50 pictures of the scene in his backyard, this particular fox stood, did a few stretches and took the photo to the next level. “I was in the right place at the right time,” Loftsgard says. “It was one of those rare things you don’t see very often, but it was fun to have it right there in our backyard.” Read more about Nate Loftsgard’s Award-winning Photo Stretch

Introducing the Annual Photo Contest, Picture Plymouth

It’s mid-summer, and for all you photographers out there that means it’s time
to let your lenses do the talking. Plymouth Magazine again is partnering with
the city of Plymouth to sponsor the Picture Plymouth photo contest, giving all
you photo enthusiasts—whether you consider yourself a pro, amateur, hobbyist or
beginner—a chance to display your work on the pages of this magazine and many
city promotional materials.
Read more about Introducing the Annual Photo Contest, Picture Plymouth

Max Foster’s Award-winning Photo of Mount Olivet Church

Local church. Inspiring architecture. Ideal lighting. After several visits to Plymouth’s Mount Olivet Church last summer, and just-not-right photo opportunities, Max Foster captured a scene that checked all his photo-quality boxes.

“I’ve always been interested in architecture and photography,” Foster says. “I was looking for a church in Plymouth that struck my interest.” Read more about Max Foster’s Award-winning Photo of Mount Olivet Church

Photo Contest: Lisa Jabar

Water + sunset = photography genius. So says Lisa Jabar, a lifelong photo hobbyist and Plymouth resident since 2002.

Her image, Sunset Romance, is an example of this—but it was luck, really, that brought about its success, Jabar says. “I saw the sunset and ran home for my camera,” she recalls. “I made it just in time … With sunsets, I take a lot of photos from a lot of different angles over about an hour while the sun sets, and expect that the light will register differently on the camera. I never know which one will turn out best.” Read more about Photo Contest: Lisa Jabar

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