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Review: Round-up of Plymouth Grad Party Catering Hotspots

As the school year winds down and graduation nears, it’s time to plan for those graduation parties. We know party planning is no easy feat, but luckily, Plymouth has a healthy list of catering options that can help your shindig be the best on the block. From make-your-own ice cream sundaes to a spread of mouth-watering chicken wings, we’ve got your party food covered.

Dining Gluten-free in Plymouth

When it comes to mealtime, Plymouth resident Samantha Peterson isn’t your typical 11-year-old. She’s an active participant in meal plans, helping her mom try to new recipes, researching local blogs and often recommending a new fruit or vegetable to try. Both Samantha and her mom April eat gluten- and dairy-free, a surprisingly common approach to diet when it comes to diagnosing and combatting intolerances, celiac disease and other food allergies.

Eat, Drink, (and Do A Little Jig)!

Nobody knows how to have a good time like the Irish do. Between the leprechauns with pots of gold and famous brews like Guinness and Jameson, they’ve got a lot going for them. So this month, along with a good majority of the population, we’re giving a nod to all of the Plymouth-area establishments that have a little something Irish on their menus. Grab a hearty winter stout, and raise your glasses as we celebrate the luck ‘o the Irish this month.

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