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Hearty Sauces as Temperatures Dip

Fall is a transitional season where refreshing lemonades and crisp salads are replaced with comforting, warmer and heavier fare. As the thermometer wavers around the freezing point and the snow covers the frozen ground, our cuisine undergoes a similar shift. The roast turkey feast is just around the corner, but it’s not yet season for a hearty stew. In the meantime, savory sauces can provide additional warmth to dishes, whether it’s literally in temperature or an extra notch of spice. These dishes with a sauce at their base will warm you up for the season. Read more about Hearty Sauces as Temperatures Dip

Plymouth Patio Crawl: Your Guide to Outdoor Dining

The days of summer are soothing and sweet, but woefully, as in the winter season, many of us still spend a lot of time inside, whether that be working, driving, at appointments or running errands. So for those moments you can break away and find yourself craving a lunch or dinner date, why not get the most out of the season and think outside? Let this feature serve as your guide to some of Plymouth’s best patio brasseries. After all, we Minnesotans have a limited number of months to enjoy this kind of delicacy. Read more about Plymouth Patio Crawl: Your Guide to Outdoor Dining

Eat, Drink, (and Do A Little Jig)!

Nobody knows how to have a good time like the Irish do. Between the leprechauns with pots of gold and famous brews like Guinness and Jameson, they’ve got a lot going for them. So this month, along with a good majority of the population, we’re giving a nod to all of the Plymouth-area establishments that have a little something Irish on their menus. Grab a hearty winter stout, and raise your glasses as we celebrate the luck ‘o the Irish this month.

Lucky’s 13 Pub Read more about Eat, Drink, (and Do A Little Jig)!

Review: Best Valentine’s Day Meals in Plymouth

February is well-known as the month of love—fragrant bouquets of roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sure-fire ways to win over your honey’s heart. But sometimes there’s nothing better than spending time together over a delicious meal or even a piece of luscious dessert. In honor of cupid’s favorite holiday, we’ve scoured the area for red-hued foods. From prime rib to red velvet cupcakes, here’s a list of some of our favorite Valentine’s foods. Read more about Review: Best Valentine’s Day Meals in Plymouth

Review: Plymouth’s Best Football Fare

Football fans, get ready: The Super Bowl is fast approaching, which means it’s time to make some plans for watching the big game. And almost as important as your viewing destination is the mouth-watering array of food you’ll be devouring. We’ve scoured the area, and Plymouth boasts a number of great spots to enjoy the biggest game of the year. So don’t worry about cooking up a plethora of snacks for your friends; head to one of these game-day hotspots to root on your favorite team.

TEXAS EGG ROLLS Read more about Review: Plymouth’s Best Football Fare

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