A Welcome Twist on the Familiar Thanksgiving Sides

A welcome twist on the familiar Thanksgiving sides

Are you looking to add a twist to the traditional Thanksgiving feast? Look no further. Aaron Sorenson of Lunds & Byerlys sets us up with a few fun dishes that will have you and your family coming back for seconds!

Pepper Jelly Brie in Puff Pastry
1 sheet puff pastry, thawed but still cold
2 Tbsp. L&B pepper jelly
1 (8-oz,) wheel of Brie
1 egg, beaten
Crackers and apple slices, for serving Read more about A Welcome Twist on the Familiar Thanksgiving Sides

Answering the Age-old Question: What's for Dinner?

Welcome to Plymouth Magazine’s first food challenge. Inspired by the Food Network show Chopped, the chefs from Rock Elm Tavern, La Cocina de Ana and Kobe were asked to include these four ingredients in their creation: red pepper, corn, zucchini and rice. It’s almost like Chopped, but with a lot less pressure and easier ingredients to incorporate into a meal. Plus, no eliminations here. These meals are all winners!

La Cocina de Ana
Owner Ana Rayas Read more about Answering the Age-old Question: What's for Dinner?


New Ways to be Nutritious

It can be hard to eat healthy as fall rolls around, but it happens to be an important time to eat well. Jessica Welch, a clinical dietitian at Allina Health, says vitamin D is the most common vitamin that people lack  as the weather cools down since they’re less spending time in the sun. She recommends taking a supplement as it can be hard to get enough vitamin D through food alone. Read more about New Ways to be Nutritious

Healthy Eating in 2017

It’s the new year and a great time to start eating healthier foods without sacrificing an adventurous palate.

Here’s a recipe from Whole Foods with quinoa, a high protein grain similar to rice or couscous. “Quinoa is a great whole grain substitute,” says Zach Hakala, associate team manager at the Whole Foods in Minnetonka. “It’s filled with nutrients and amino acids and can replace rice in many recipes.”

Zesty Quinoa with Broccoli and Cashews
Read more about Healthy Eating in 2017

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