I’ve chosen a wonderful Barolo for a couple reasons. This region is just a small portion of greater Piedmont in northwestern Italy, known for a variety of wonderful reds. It is often overlooked as it can be quite expensive.  Piedmont makes great wine, no doubt, but Barolo in particular is a very robust, full-bodied red wine, but it is also very delicate, layered and complex. 

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Lunds and Byerlys Weighs in on the Art of a Wine and Cheese Board

Feel free to showcase some creativity in pairing cheese and wine. “There are no general rules here. It is whatever people like,” says Gary Hanscom, Wines & Spirits manager at Lunds & Byerlys in Plymouth.

However, Hanscom has some suggestions. “I always recommend picking a variety of cheeses with different textures,” he says. A diverse cheese platter is the best way to cater to people’s different tastes and adds an element of fun.
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Beer Instead of Wine

When you think of a Thanksgiving meal, you might think of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy accented with a pinot noir. However, if you want to change up your meal, try pairing your feast with beer. We talked to Cellars Wine & Spirits of Plymouth for recommendations to make your meal delicious and unique.

“The best kind of beer would be one that offsets that dinner dryness,” says store manager Brian Clark. “There are lots of types to choose from, but I would recommend a wheat beer or even one of our sour beers.” Read more about Beer Instead of Wine

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