Warm Comfort for Cold Days

Winter in Minnesota means cold weather. For winter sports enthusiasts, this is good news. For everyone else, it can be hard to find the motivation to get outside. Luckily, many Plymouth restaurants are ready to welcome you in from the cold. What better way to reward yourself after a long day of skiing or skating than with a nourishing bowl of warm chili? Even if you don’t enjoy the outdoors in the winter, these dishes are good enough to leave the house for, even if it just means running from your car to the restaurant’s front door.

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Plymouth is home to elite youth Freestyle Skiers

Plymouth is home to some of the youngest talents in freestyle skiing, an extreme sport that resembles gymnastics on skis. Marek Meyer, age 11, and Annika and Torsten Sundquist, both age 10, are nationally ranked freestyle skiiers on the prestigious Team Nybora, an elite group of young athletes who love to hit the slopes with incredible spins, grabs, grinds and flips that make up the sport. Read more about Plymouth is home to elite youth Freestyle Skiers

Winter Fog

“I’ve always been a water baby,” says Jim Strand, a Plymouth photographer. Strand is a retired computer production manager, but he’s had a love for photography since he was 18 years old.

Strand was stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington state for a short time in his youth. Compared to his hometown of Madison, Wis., the mountains and hills of the West Coast were a far different experience than the lakes of the Midwest. Struck by the beauty, Strand began his photography hobby, primarily focusing on pictures of nature. Read more about Winter Fog

Carrying on a Nordic Tradition

For Dave Rosenquist, there isn’t just lutefisk for Christmas; it’s a season of lutefisk as far as he is concerned. The Plymouth resident, along with a group of friends—some who have known each other for more than 60 years—will have attended several lutefisk dinners held by local churches in the fall before his family hosts their own festive party during the holidays. Read more about Carrying on a Nordic Tradition

Hearty Sauces as Temperatures Dip

Fall is a transitional season where refreshing lemonades and crisp salads are replaced with comforting, warmer and heavier fare. As the thermometer wavers around the freezing point and the snow covers the frozen ground, our cuisine undergoes a similar shift. The roast turkey feast is just around the corner, but it’s not yet season for a hearty stew. In the meantime, savory sauces can provide additional warmth to dishes, whether it’s literally in temperature or an extra notch of spice. These dishes with a sauce at their base will warm you up for the season. Read more about Hearty Sauces as Temperatures Dip

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