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While Jess Donatelle and her husband, Jake, moved to Plymouth just two years ago, the Norwex consultant already recognizes Plymouth’s unspoken beauty—it’s safe, clean and has lots of green space and trails, she says.

Dan Vanderheyden knows that downsizing doesn’t have to be a dirty word. After raising three children in Plymouth, he and his wife Julie decided to start fresh. Their goal was to create a beautiful, smaller space that fit their needs.

After 38 years serving at the Plymouth Fire Department, assistant fire chief Rick Luth retired this past spring. It’s a well-deserved respite from years of climbing the ranks at the station—from paid on-call firefighter to station captain to his eventual position assisting fire chief Rick Kline.

Little Emmett and his dad, Steve, are no strangers to the grueling work of bike riding. Although Steve is more into the triathlon scene, and Emmett into the loop-around-the-park-in-front-of-their-house scene, both appreciate a good bike ride.

Maria Tripp
West Lutheran High School

With such busy schedules, it’s amazing high school students can find time for one job. Well, we found three Plymouth area students who not only work, but work multiple jobs. And they do it while keeping their grades up and staying involved with extracurricular activities.

Instead of playing with videogames and toy airplanes, kids are learning how to design them first, thanks to programs offered by an education-based company, Engineering for Kids.

The typical “computer whiz” stereotype is of a boy—face illuminated by the blue light of the screen—typing away intensely, pale and alone in his bedroom. But Ana Pooley defies that stereotype.

Though Sarah Kendall Gow has lived in Plymouth for just more than a year, it didn’t take her long to appreciate all the community has to offer, such as French Regional Park, where she snapped this photo.