TCF: New Space, New Opportunities

TCF consolidates its team to one central Plymouth location.
Render this: What TCF’s new Plymouth space is shaping up to be.

Collaboration and convenience is the name of the game at the new consolidated site for TCF Financial Corp. Seven Twin Cities offices will unite into one at the Plymouth Corporate Center, making TCF the largest of six companies housed there.

Renovations to TCF’s new space began in April 2015, with the first wave of the company’s 1,700 team members moving into the building in August. “Everything on this site has been reinvented for us,” says Barbara Shaw, TCF’s executive vice president and director of corporate human resources. “It’s very conducive to productivity.”

The new site has received positive feedback from the team members, specifically around amenities that include a convenience store, TCF Bank branch, dry cleaning options and a workout room. “Having access to these amenities kind of replicates the options of a downtown office,” says Craig Dahl, TCF’s vice chairman and president (who will be CEO in January), explaining that someone working downtown might leave the office throughout the day to visit the gym or grab lunch in the Skyway. “We tried to mirror these options [at the new location].”

TCF’s corporate headquarters will remain in Wayzata, but Shaw says the opportunity for collaboration, as well as the shortened commute time between buildings for meetings, will greatly increase productivity and efficiency. Shaw says she personally is looking forward to “managing by walking around.” “I’m in Wayzata primarily, but with team members in Minneapolis,” she says. “I’m looking forward to walking around my own department and being with each of my employees daily.”

The roughly 300,000-square-foot space will be renovated this month, and the team will continue to move in through the end of the year.