Tola Neuromuscular Release System from OPTP for Chronic Pain Relief

A locally made relaxation device could make chronic muscle pain easier to treat.
A locally made relaxation device could help treat chronic muscle pain.

Before or after a long, stressful day, a massage can do wonders for relaxing tight muscles. But scheduling several massage appointments adds up quickly, in terms of money and time. The Tola Neuromuscular Release System, distributed by Plymouth-based company OPTP, is a relaxation device designed to give users control over their own deep, soft-tissue treatment plan. For $49.95, the Tola System makes it possible for people to relieve aches and pains any time or any place, through myofascial trigger point release.“The Tola is ideal for anyone who struggles with stiff, sore tissues; it’s especially important for pain sufferers who rely on regular therapeutic treatments,” says Ryan Bussman, an OPTP copywriter.New to the device this year is the Tola Strap, which allows users to apply pressure to hard-to-reach areas without assistance. 3800 Annapolis Lane, Suite 165; 763.553.0452;