The Vikings’ Alissa Staloch Calls Plymouth Home

This busy Vikings cheerleader is here to stay.
Alissa Staloch at her favorite Plymouth Caribou Coffee on Berkshire Lane.

Alissa Staloch received an MBA in human resource management from Capella University in 2012, works as the human resources administrator and executive assistant at Simonson’s Salon and Spa, and dances as a Vikings cheerleader on the side. She moved to Plymouth in 2012, and loves her new home already.

Plymouth Magazine: How long have you been a Vikings cheerleader? What’s the best part of the job?
Alissa Staloch: I’ve been with the Vikings for four seasons (since 2010). I love the game-day experience; it’s always so exciting. It’s not all about the games, though. Being a Vikings cheerleader is a year-round job.   

PLM: What do the Vikings cheerleaders do in the off-season?
AS: We act as ambassadors for the Vikings, participating in charity events that the NFL sponsors.  Last year I went to Kuwait to perform for the U.S. soldiers there—a lot of them were from Minnesota.

PLM: What have you enjoyed in your two years in Plymouth?
AS: It’s a really convenient place to live. The city is well thought out, and I’m close to my job. I like dining out, shopping and exercising; some of my favorite places in Plymouth are Life Time Fitness, the Sunshine Factory and Target.

PLM: Where are your favorite places to go in Plymouth?

AS: The Life Time Fitness facility here is beautiful. I try to do yoga once a day, so I love Yoga Studio, too.

PLM: Are you planning on staying in Plymouth?

AS: Absolutely! I’ve been with my husband Joe for five years, and we think Plymouth is a great place to start a family.