Wayzata Senior Allison Sholl Earns Perfect Score on AP Exam

Wayzata’s Allison Sholl earns a perfect score on the AP Macroeconomics Exam.

Perfect scores are hard to come by when taking exams, but Allison Sholl, a senior at Wayzata High School, did just that on her Advanced Placement Macroeconomics Exam. In 2015, 2.5 million high school students took roughly 4.5 million AP Exams. Of these, just 322 students received the highest score on an exam. Amazingly, only 22 students worldwide have received a perfect score on the macroeconomics exam.

Sholl studied for the exam by looking over her notes, preferring solitude to a big study group. Her advice to younger students is to “use your teachers,” as they are all helpful and want students to succeed. She is motivated to do her best by looking toward the future, and understanding that only she can make it “as great as it could be.”

In college, she hopes to study science, technology or business, and she’s looking at a variety of schools. When she’s not involved in schoolwork, Allison participates in dance, Girl Scouts, Spanish club and the National Honor Society.