"Welcome to the Candy Store": A Visit to Porsche Minneapolis

From inside an icon, writer discovers the meaning of the word “joyride.”
"The product speaks for itself," sales manager Eric Voge says.

In our Noteworthy section, we love highlighting great local food and drink, interesting people, places, books, boutiques and more. For this issue, we thought, why not give cars a chance to be in the spotlight? We depend on them for the most mundane tasks to big nights out. But they’re not only practical—they can also be beautiful.

“I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself,” said Ferdinand Porsche who founded the company in Stuttgart, Germany in 1931.

This month we visited Porsche Minneapolis on Wayzata Boulevard and learned all about why, for many people, Porsche is the ultimate automotive dream. Sales managers Bill Dunne and Eric Voge filled us in.

There’s no hard sell at Minneapolis Porsche. “The product speaks for itself,” says Voge. “We tell clients when they come in, ‘Welcome to the candy store.’” And that’s exactly what it looks like—shiny cars in pretty colors.

Voge is a true lover of the brand. He owns a Porsche, “but at the moment, [my] fiancée is driving it,” he says. What he likes most about the brand, he says, is that “from generation to generation, they’re always thinking about what they can do better. They always find a way to surprise us,” he says.

For some of us, including me, cars have always been about driving the kids to extracurriculars or taking the dog to the vet and hauling the groceries.

Until Voge took me for a ride that brings new meaning to the word “joyride.” Not only was it fun, but when we hit the highway, it seemed to bring joy to others, too—which they showed by honking and giving thumbs up. One of the most impressive things, besides the feeling of the car being both light and solid at the same time, was the ability to switch between manual and automatic transmission. My most harrowing parenting moments were trying to teach my kids to drive a manual. Suffice it to say it did not end well, with heart-stopping moments at lights placed at the top of hills. My cars have always been simple workhorses, and that has perfectly sufficed—but a girl can dream.

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