Summer Survival Guide

After the initial excitement of summer wears off, you may find yourself looking for ideas to fill your time as the temperatures rise. These Best of Plymouth finalists offer some of the top ways to survive the summer while exploring the best of your city.

When it’s too hot to play outside: InnerActive
Open every day of the year, InnerActive plays host to kids and families who are looking to get a taste of the outdoors without bad weather getting in the way. Open from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., the climate at InnerActive is always the same and the play options vary from a playground for younger kids to a football field for older ones. Co-owners Teddy and Stacy Anderson saw the need for the space when looking for a place for their own two kids to play. “There’s something for everybody to do in a spot that’s safe for a parent to see from all angles,” Teddy Anderson says. Daily passes are $9,  monthly memberships are $21. Anderson recommends InnerActive for families with kids of varying ages, especially those on the younger side, and those seeking a new venue for birthday parties. Whether it’s the middle of a Minnesota winter or the hottest day of the year, InnerActive is Plymouth’s pick for best indoor play area that’s just like outside.

A summer camp that will keep them active: Mini-Hops
Kids can hop around at Mini-Hops Gymnastics in a variety of classes. Another place to stay out of the heat and avoid a sunburn, the gym is open for an assortment of classes, camps and parties. The 48,000 sq. ft. sports facility has a range of sports activities and is open for daily and weeklong camp options. Gymnastics enthusiasts can work on their skills including artistic, progressive, rhythmic, trampoline, tumbling and parent and child gymnastics classes, as well as dance and karate. “We have a great staff that is trained and great at working with kids,” marketing and communications director Jess James says. Check out Mini-Hops the next time you and your kids need a break from the heat advisory days and pool crowds.

The perfect summer treat: Honey & Mackie’s
When Amy and Josh Albert were looking for their favorite ice cream made locally, they discovered they had to travel 20 minutes just to buy it, so they did what many successful entrepreneurs do and decided to fill their own need. The result was Honey & Mackie’s. “I make most of it myself,” says co-owner Amy Albert, who makes the small-batch homemade treat with ingredients like real strawberries and real raspberries in store everyday. The most popular flavor among the younger customer set is cookies and cream; adults most often go for the salted caramel with peanuts. Stop in the store for their August flavor of the month: mini-donuts. Even the mini-donuts
are house-made.

If you go away on vacation and your dog can’t come: Camp Bow Wow
Pet parents can rest easy on vacation when they leave their dogs at Camp Bow Wow. Dogs can enjoy the summer breeze with full access to their outdoor facility, and the dogs’ activities are streamed live through Camp Bow Wow’s website. “We’ve had [the cameras] the entire 10 years we’ve been open,” manager Josh Kruse says. “You can have peace of mind knowing your dogs are having a good time.” Camp Bow Wow has recently expanded with a bigger indoor and outdoor area, but the pups always have the companionship of the other dogs and staff members.