Broaden Your Mind With These International Reads

by | Feb 2023

These Impossible Things

Books from two international authors invite your imagination to travel while your body stays put.

These Impossible Things by Salma El-Wardany is a novel focused on the friendship between three Muslim women who are torn between family, relationships and staying true to their culture. As they grow up, their lives begin taking different paths before ultimately reuniting them in a beautiful way. This is a remarkable story about female friendships and all that they encompass.

The novel Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen will make you question any designer item you own. Dual narration follows two wealthy Chinese American women, Winnie and Ava, who first meet as college roommates. After losing touch, they reconnect 20 years later and together build a global counterfeit purse empire. These cunning and business savvy women are the ultimate leaders as they, like the book, demand attention.

Local bookworms Katie Timcho and Amy Sundet run the Instagram book blog @overbookedmoms.


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