Color Tips, Tricks and Trends

Get your home looking its very best with these expert insights from Hirshfield’s.

If you’re looking to update your living quarters, repainting the walls or updating your window fixtures might be the solution. A new coat of paint or set of blinds can bring a fresh new look and feel to your entire house. We talked to experts from Hirshfield’s about what’s trending in paints and home décor this fall. Read their recommendations, then grab a paintbrush and your toolkit and get started.

Thanks to the changing of the leaves, fall has long been associated with reds, oranges and yellows. Not that there’s anything wrong with these colors, but this fall’s biggest trends usher in all sorts of diverse tones. Individuality and creativity shine forth in this year’s most popular hues. Color authority Pantone named “Ultra Violet,” a calm, celestial-inspired shade of purple, as 2018’s Color of the Year, and the interior design world is certainly taking note. Bright and bold colors make up this fall’s biggest paint trends. Whether you’re going for pastels or understated earth tones, purple proves a perfect complement for many different hues.

If it’s the exterior of your home that you’re looking to update, there’s perhaps no better time than fall to do so. However, there are some things to keep in mind. The quickly falling temperatures mean slower drying times. Make sure to allow for adequate time between coats—24 hours should typically do it.

As far as colors go, neutrals remain the tried and true favorite for exteriors. Don’t write off that less-than-flashy off-white or gray—it’ll prove to be much more stunning on the exterior of your home than it does on the sample card. And, its classic simplicity means it’ll stay stunning even as trends ebb and flow.

When it comes to window fixtures and interior design, Dawn Feda of Hirshfield’s says that roller shades are proving particularly trendy. “It’s due to their simplicity and clean lines. Plus, they have improved in their patterns and textures,” she says. “Another big trend would be motorization—I really feel this is the future that we are heading in!”

However, Feda cautions customers against opting for products solely because they’re popular. After all, your personal taste and what works for your house matters most. “I always try to talk about the big longevity of a product when I’m speaking with a customer,” she says. “In, say, five years, they might not care for the trend that is happening now. Window treatments are an investment, and one should think long-term and consider what feels right with the home.”

And, if you’re looking to make your home cozy and inviting for the all-too-quickly approaching winter, Hirshfield’s has you covered there, too. Feda says that smaller pieces of home décor provide the best bang for your buck. She recommends that customers opt for “area rugs, pillows and throws that offer a warmer palette of color for those cold months ahead but that can also be changed out to a lighter palette for spring and summer.”