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by | Feb 2022

Organized Closet

Anastasia Shuraeva

When you open your closet door, are you excited to pick out an outfit or filled with dread because of the mess? Closets are one of the most crucial places to keep organized in your home, but they’re also one of the quickest to become cluttered due to everyday use.

Culling through your clothes and shoes prior to organizing is a great place to start. Consider donating unwanted clothing to shelters, business attire nonprofits, churches or schools.

Depending on your budget, closet organizing systems are a worthwhile investment to optimize wall space. A shelf and hanging bar often simply don’t cut it. Strategically adding shelves, drawers and compartments provide more options for keeping clothes and accessories in easy reach for those sleepy early mornings or chaotic midday changes.

A great way to organize your closet is by color, which reduces the amount of time you spend looking for particular pieces. As a pro-tip, consider placing the colors that look best on you closer to the front for easy no-brainer outfit options.

Opening the doors to an organized closet will leave you feeling less stressed and more confident in your appearance. If you’re still at a loss as to how to get started, consider working with a professional organizer.

Kira Vanderlan operates a decluttering, organizing, staging and design company. Find more tips at zestfuldesign.com.


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