Fall Fashion Forward with Locally Owned Online Boutique

by | Aug 2022

Lily Foster pants and shirt combination.

Megan Ronning-Kodet turns to neutral tones each season. Photos: Chris Emeott

Owner of Lily Foster shares the latest trends in fall fashion.

With a true passion for fashion, Plymouth resident and online boutique owner Megan Ronning-Kodet uses her own business to fuel her creativity. Launching Lily Foster in October 2021, Ronning-Kodet says she always dreamed of being an entrepreneur in this industry.

Wanting to create a brand that could provide the items of “the in between,” what she describes as the kind of casual basics that work both at home, at work and on dates, Ronning-Kodet says that a majority of her collection features pieces that women can restyle in multiple ways for a variety of different occasions. “Athleisure has been updated to being called ‘flex-leisure,’” Ronning-Kodet says. “It’s more multifunctional. You have more indoor and outdoor use.”

Flexibility is at the core of her considerations when adding items to her shop. “[What] I always think about before I buy it and incorporate it into the assortment is if I can I wear it in more than one way,” Ronning-Kodet says. “If you are spending money on something, it shouldn’t just be one and done.” This kind of “seasonless fashion” isn’t meant to be a fad, rather styles you can wear for many years, she adds.

Creating a one-stop-shop for all things apparel and accessories, Ronning-Kodet hopes that her clothing boutique can provide a place for busy women like her to feel their very best. “I think fashion promotes a sense of community among women,” she says.

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We consulted Megan Ronning-Kodet for her fall picks.

Elevated Knits
You can’t go wrong with a classic vest. Although this has always been a staple in most wardrobes, knit vests are the perfect way to stay warm during the inconsistent weather while still adhering to trending styles and colors.

Versatile Colors
This season (actually, every season) calls for neutrals, says Ronning-Kodet. “This is another thing, too, where I think women are looking less for fads. Instead of having the trendy color now, it’s ‘What’s going to live in my wardrobe for years to come?’” she says. For select statement pieces, she notes that fall is a great time for rich and deep hues, from dark purple to navy blue and emerald green.

Brown leather purse with red and blue accents.

Crop Tops
Although Ronning-Kodet isn’t the biggest fan of crop tops, she’s come up with an elegant solution that yields a more flattering result. “I have a few crop tops that launched in April, and they’re literally just right above the pant line, so they are still what I consider cropped, but they’re not necessarily showing a whole lot,” she says.

Black blouse with balloon sleeves.

Add volume to your look with balloon sleeves.

Flattering Volume
People are playing with volume, from balloon sleeves and shoulder pads to oversized jackets. “One of the trends in that lowkey, flattering volume category is romantic button ups or blouses,” Ronning-Kodet says. On the flip side, she’s also seeing a rise in straight legged, slightly oversized trousers.

Don’t overdose on the volume though. Ronning-Kodet recommends picking a voluminous top or pant and then pairing with a tighter-fitting counterpart. Think oversized blazers with skinny jeans or straight-legged trousers with a crop top.

Lily Foster
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