Fire Up the Grill

Von Hanson’s shares strategies for perfect results on the grill.

There is no better sign that summer is on the way than the smell of grilled food. Von Hanson’s Meats offers this advice on steaks to take your grilling expertise up a notch.

Von Hanson’s manager in Plymouth, Darren Pfeffer, suggests the grill steak. It is the bottom cut portion of a sirloin, and makes for a satisfying dinner off the grill. Any cut of meat that is tender and lean tastes great on the grill, and “fillets and sirloins are always lean and a great option for grilling,” Pfeffer says.

However, the most important requirement for successful grilling is quality meat, Pfeffer says. Preparing the meat is also crucial. He recommends prepping the meat with a little butter or olive oil, seasonings, and then to let it sit for a while, preferably the night before cooking—the longer the meat sits with the seasonings, the more the taste will stay trapped in the meat.

This is part of a three-step process essential to any meat dish, Pfeffer says. The next step is to add a bit more seasoning to the meat before bringing it to the grill. To start, he recommends turning a gas grill up on high for the first few seconds, then cooking low and slow throughout to prevent drying out the meat.

Pfeffer says a good rare cut of meat will be ready at an internal temperature of 135 degrees, and for more medium to well-done, 140+ degrees. The thicker the meat, the more time it will need to cook through, he says.