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by | Oct 2021

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Residents open the first Fitness Machine Technicians location in the Twin Cities.

Plymouth’s Brian and Bethany Dillon are serving the area’s gym equipment needs by teaming up with Fitness Machine Technicians, a national franchise that services corporate and residential gym equipment, to open the Twin Cities location.

“Fitness has always been a passion of ours,” says Brian. The Dillons saw an opportunity for the business when they realized how many Twin Cities residents rely on fitness equipment in local or home gyms.

Brian enjoys the strategic side of running a business; Bethany handles customer service. “He’s the numbers guy. I’m the people person, so both of us bringing those different skill sets into owning this business together has really created this nicely balanced partnership,” Bethany says.

In the first year of operation, the Dillons fielded a greater number of residential calls, likely because more people bought home gym equipment during the pandemic. Since the spring, they’ve noticed an uptick in calls from professional gyms that are expecting new and returning customers.

“It is great to see our fellow Minnesota residents having greater access to fitness options as facilities reopen. We are happy that we can play a role in helping local health clubs, hotels, and apartment and condo communities to safely resume activities at their facilities,” Bethany says. 

Fitness Machine Technicians of Minneapolis & Saint Paul takes calls from customers as far away as Rochester and western Wisconsin. The business’s social distancing protocols are in place, and technicians wear masks in customers’ homes and businesses. —Kira Schukar

Fitness Machine Technicians of Minneapolis & Saint Paul; 612.605.7558

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