Give Your Holiday Guests the Gift of Elegant Table Decor

by | Oct 2019

A holiday table spread featuring wine and wine glasses, candles, a place setting and more.

Photos: Rachel Nadeau

In order to achieve festive tabletop success, maintain a consistent theme and incorporate a variety of textures and heights.

Decorating for the holidays can be daunting, but Jennifer Severson at Studio M Interiors reminds us to try not to stress, and to remember that there’s no need to go out and splurge on seasonal decorative items for our tables. Instead, look for items that you already have and reinvent them.

Whether it’s a table runner or a centerpiece, focus on something that is “beautiful and speaks to you and your design element,” says Severson.

Holiday Table Setting

In order to achieve festive tabletop success, Severson recommends maintaining a consistent theme and incorporating a variety of textures and heights. The theme acts as the backbone of the color scheme and is emblematic of the holiday that you are celebrating. With a solid theme, decorators can choose a variety of elements accordingly.

Severson says that for texture, nature is your best friend. Bring in a variety of woods, leaves and stones to contrast against holiday metallics like gold, silver and mercury [gray with a hint of brown], as a simple, elegant way to diversify the space. To elevate the spread, bring in candles for height, twinkling light and color.

Holiday Table Decorations

With so many elements to consider, it’s important to keep everything tailored, subtle and blended because “simple is also lovely,” says Severson. “The food and the dishes take up a lot of space and really the most important part is sharing it with your family and friends.”


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