A Grab Bag of Good Books for 2023

by | Dec 2022

Woman in a sweater reading a book during the holidays.

Tima Miroshnichenko

With holiday festivities underway, here is a wide variety of genres to help ring in the new year.

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center is a romp of a romance that’s 100 percent fun. Hannah is a bodyguard hired to protect Jack, the world’s sexiest man, under the guise of being his girlfriend. Sparks and witty banter fly on Jack’s family’s ranch as these two try to convince his family they are an item … but are they?

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah is a heart-wrenching historical fiction novel about a family living in the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression. They must decide whether to stay and protect their land after numerous dust storms or move out West in hopes of a better future.

The Lies I Tell by Julie Clark is a fast-paced suspense about a brilliant con woman and the ambitious female reporter trying to expose her. But what is the difference between justice and revenge? This is a Robin Hood-style scenario that keeps the reader gripped as the truth unfolds.

Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid is a contemporary fiction novel about what would happen if you changed one decision. Would your life end up the same or would it be different? This is a great book if you enjoyed The Midnight Library.

Local bookworms Katie Timcho and Amy Sundet run the book blog @overbookedmoms.


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